Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grocery Adventures: Part 4

You all will be SO disappointed in me with my groceries this week. Can you believe it? I went over my budget. I am pretty ashamed myself. I do have an explanation, though!

This week I spent:


If you do not include the wine I bought, I spent $84. But the issue is that I only had $84 in my budget for the entire month. I spent $10 extra. Plus, on Saturday, David had to run to the store to buy some last minute items for the Easter festivities and spent $11, which really should be added to the budget overage, meaning that we went over the budget by $20.

Even though I am disappointed in my final week of the experiment, I still feel that the new budget is extremely helpful and worthwhile. A few thoughts about the entire operation:
  • If I want to save money, I learned that I must plan. I did a good job limiting the mid-week grocery store runs, which can really kill your budget. If you want to stay on track, look at all of the ingredients in a recipe and decide if you can afford them that week. If not, save the recipe!
  • This also helps with weight loss. When I went to the grocery store, I decided to spend my money on items that gave us good nutrition, such as spinach, rather than things like chips. This helped me stay on track for eating well during the week.
  • Stores matter. Part of the reason that I spent so much this week was because I went to a smaller, more local grocery store rather than a big box store (like Target). Whenever I saw the prices, I thought to myself, "I usually spend so much less on this item! Argh!" However, I went shopping on Friday night on my way home from work, I was tired, hungry, and I just wanted to get home. I decided to pay for convenience, which I will try to avoid from now on!
Thoughts about stores:
  • Target: I had the best luck at Target. The produce seemed more expensive than HyVee, but everything else is cheaper. I paid $1.87 for a huge bag of frozen corn, and at other places the same size (store brand) was $3.50!
  • HyVee: HyVee had pretty cheap produce. The produce was the freshest and the best that I tried as well...bigger pieces of vegetables and fruit that lasted longer than Target's produce. However, the rest of the grocery items were a bit more expensive than Target.
Any observations, any more tips? Let's just ignore this past week because I definitely learned my lesson!

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Kathy said...

Abbie, I always want high school kids to learn practical money sense, but fear they are not. You sound like you could be a guest lecturer!
Plus, making a fancy Easter dinner seems like it could be justified out of the experiment!