Friday, April 22, 2011

Grocery Adventures: Part 3

This weekend, I received this bag from Target for Earth Day for free!

We are over halfway finished with the grocery adventures! I have one week left to buy groceries and I still have approximately $84 left to spend in the month of April. This is exciting because by now we are normally at around -$84 and still have to buy the last week's worth of groceries. Overall, I would count my experiment as a success. At first, I did not want to continue the $50/week goal for regular groceries, but now I feel that I will keep up the good work. Seriously, I spend so much less when I go to the grocery store with a plan and with my phone calculator out and calculating what I am spending for the week. It really makes you think, "Do I really feel like the name brand is worth $1 extra?" or, "Do I really need to buy the second can of tuna that I probably won't use?" and when I am cooking at home, "Should I just save this shrimp for another day, when we don't already have protein in our meal?"

Here is the breakdown for this week:

Dairy (Milk- $1.99)

Frozen (Corn- $1.89, Peas- $.99) = $3.88

Fresh (Bananas- $4.53, Apples - $3.99, Oranges- $3.99, Eggplant - $1.99, Cucumbers- $3.96, Potatoes- $1.99, Spinach- $4.00)= $22.46

Canned/Non-Perishable goods (Coffee- $6.64, Tuna- $1.02, Pasta- $1.22, Soup- $1.78, Chicken Broth- $5.38 (Note: This was a LOT of broth...I needed it for two recipes and it was over 12 cups in a huge can), Soup- $.75 (looking back, this was totally unnecessary for me to buy!), Olive Oil- $7.69) = $24.48

Unidentified objects: $3.89 for "Farmland" and $1.49 for "Green Giant". I have no clue what these were.... = $5.38

For a grand total of...


And without the olive oil (which was an "outside" purchase stipulated at the beginning of the experiment):


Yay! I think that is pretty good for the week. This upcoming week will be somewhat of a challenge because I plan to cook an Easter meal for me and David. Any ideas for cheaper holiday food?


Kathy said...

I am one of the few people who just loves thinking about topics like this! Luckily your ham was a present. One bad thing which I try never to do is purchase food and then have to pitch it. Today when I made tuna salad I realized that our pickle relish in the refrigerator had expired in 2009, so I did throw it away! We apparently do not go through pickle relish very quickly around here with only two people.
Have I ever recommended The Tightwad Gazette to you and David?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

RORO said For a cheap Easter meal you should have begged the people that you were with on Sat. to give you leftovers! I bought a big Easter and sent loftover ham with Jerry, Jason & Mema.

We used to get the Tightwad Gazette when we were in Babysitting Coop together many years ago. we each paid $1 and shared it & someone filed the old copies to check out in our laibray! LOTS of good ideas!It was $12 for a year in the 90's.