Monday, April 11, 2011

Grocery Adventures: Part 2

I went to the grocery store yesterday and had moderate success. I spent more than $50, but in my original post I mentioned some rules....specifically that the $50 was to cover weekly groceries, not big purchase items. This week I spent:


The breakdown:

Candy: $2.66 (Robin Eggs...yum!)

Vegetables: $16.64 (spinach, bananas, oranges, onion, cucumbers)

Meat: $8.78 (ground beef and ground chicken)

Frozen foods: $6.63 (frozen corn and frozen raspberries)

Canned goods: $8.52 (Rotel, Enchilada Sauce, Taco seasoning, Black beans)

Pasta/Rice: $4.65

Possible non-budget items:
Almonds: $6.99
Justification: I bring almonds every day for lunch, but only bring 25 at a time. Each can of these almonds lasts me a pretty long time...ideally over a month. Maybe a fair thing would be to spread the cost of this can over the course of four weeks? I did create wiggle room for bigger purchases, when setting up our budget, however, and I think this may qualify.
Shrimp: $6.99
Justification: I am having people over this week and do not want to serve them black beans. I will do that to my own husband, but not to others.

So, without the possible non-budget items, I spent:


and without tax I spent:


Not bad, huh?

How would you classify the shrimp and the almonds? Do you think that I am chickening out on my $50/week goal by allowing myself to classify those items out of the regular budget?


Kathy said...

Some people might think this is silly, but since I have kept a family budget book for more than 20 years I often think thoughts like, "ok, is this household or miscellaneous?" Just last year I got the idea to split the categories of eating out and recreation and wish I had thought of that years ago! So I think it is your budget and you can make the rules. Buying food for guests could even be another category since you have so much company, and like you said, it costs more money to feed guests.

Sarah said...

Yum! I'm excited about the shrimp, although I also would have been happy with black beans!

David said...

I think that we should make the robin eggs a non-discretionary budget item and expand our purchases in this area.

Mrs. Haid said...

Hm... I think your bill sounds high for what you left with... are you brand loyal? Or loyal to one store? I think you might try another... sounds like you are paying Patricia's prices! I would try an Aldi (not that I do, I am loyal to HyVee because of the perks for shopping there with small children and pregnancy). But my mom shops at Aldi and gets fancier cheese and nuts than we do. And pays less!

Mrs. Haid said...

OH, I think the extras you mentioned have to count for the budget. Sorry! But the candy... that could be from the Fun Money category!