Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bare Minerals


I wear make-up every day and after many years of faithfully wearing Clinique Foundation and Lancome pressed powder, I wanted to switch up my skincare routine. I was tired of putting such heavy makeup on my face and thought that I would like to try something more natural.

After some research, I decided to try Bare Minerals. I have heard so many wonderful things about the product, and after using it for a week and a half I have to say that I agree!! I went to visit my law school friends and while we were at the mall we came across Sephora in a JCPenney. I decided to buy the starter kit.

I am wayyy more impressed with the product now that I have brought it home and have been enjoying it. At the store, my face looked great, but I wasn't sure that the makeup was all that different than what I was wearing before. Once I got home, though, and actually started wearing the stuff, I realized how light the makeup feels on my face. Everything is fairly easy to use and I feel like my makeup looks a lot better now.

So far, my only complaint is that I don't have anything with which to touch up my face during the day. I have a feeling that most people who use Bare Minerals don't need a touch up because it stays on all day, but I touch my face enough that I need something to help red areas during the middle of the day. Thoughts? Should I just learn to keep my hands away from my face? Have you tried BM?

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