Friday, April 01, 2011

Animal Antics

I had to post these two pictures. The first is of Thorina, our cat, trapping Paco in the hallway. She guarded the entry into our kitchen with her dear life. He attempted to pass several times, but she slapped him when he finally passed. I guess we know who the dominant animal is in this house:

Next, Thorina grew very distressed when David was gone last week. I woke up to this:She had drug out two leashes and had then on display for my viewing. I asked our friend Rach (a vet) about this behavior and she stated that Thorina knew that the disciplinarian was gone and that she could do whatever she wanted. Ha. Poor Paco waited by the door for David to come home every night. Poor pup!


kisa said...

Paco is clearly the dominant animal because he charged by Thorina despite her best efforts.

Sara said...

Hahahaha!! Love it!! Our cat is definitely the boss around our house. She chases and harasses the dogs and gets away with everything!

Kathy said...

Oh, funny. Now that Peter is home, Diamond is having a hard time warming up to him.

Prairie Rose said...

Animals are so funny!
They all are such interesting little charactors.
Our pets keep us laughing all the time.