Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sugar Scrub

Are you feeling springy lately? I totally am as well. This gorgeous weather is making me think about swimming weather. Thinking about swimming weather is currently my thin inspiration....and my good skin inspiration.

I made this sugar scrub a few months ago and have loved it. The recipe is in almost every magazine you read, but here it is just for your information:

Sugar Scrub
- Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil
- sugar

Mix equal parts baby oil and sugar in a bowl. If desired, add a drop of fragrance.

I invest in a few beauty products (i.e. my shampoo and conditioner), so I like to save money where I can. Making this sugar scrub definitely helps!

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Kathy said...

Well, apparently I am reading the wrong magazines! What do you do with the sugar scrub? Is it for your feet and knees and elbows? I put Vaseline on my hands and feet every night before I go to bed, in the winter when they get dry, and that is also economical.