Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Work Wardrobe

I am trying to gather ideas for a few new pieces of my spring work wardrobe. Last year, I went shopping when I got a job and bought a few good outfits for work, but I want to continue building my clothing collection. My favorite pieces can transition from work into an outfit for the weekend, whether it is a going out shirt or a Target run outfit.

So, I have to ask you dear readers....any suggestions? The only thing I've found so far is this shirt from Loft. I think it looks super cute:
What are your favorite work wardrobe stores? I kind of want to invest in a few higher quality items. What are your suggestions for investment pieces?


Katie said...

Ann Taylor Loft is one of my main go-to stores for work clothes...their email list is one of the few i dont mind being on b/c it save some serious dollars!

altho, these days when i go shopping it's bittersweet b/c pretty soon I'll be wearing scrubs instead of pretty ruffly tops! it's getting harder to justify my clothing purchases as 'investments' :)

Kathy said...

Abbie, that is so funny and charming to me--"building my work wardrobe"! I need to do that, too. This morning I put on two different pairs of pants which I had recently purchased at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and Tom made fun of both of them so I changed again! Apparently St. Vincent is not the place to invest in higher quality clothing! Every day when I am choosing an outfit, I realize I need more stylish clothes to wear to work, but I hate shopping so much that I keep putting it off.