Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning update

I did a lot of spring cleaning this past weekend. I touched up some paint trouble spots in the basement, cleaned the floors, wiped down doors, cleaned the kitty litter room, steam cleaned the basement, and dusted a bunch of furniture. The problem is that I still have to wipe down and magic erase the woodworking everywhere...this is my least favorite job. The job is so tedious and takes forever. However, I think that it really makes a difference so hopefully I can overcome my disdain for the job.

On Friday night, I went to happy hour with a friend and then engaged in SSB (Secret Single Behavior...Sex and the City, Anyone?) by ordering bread sticks from Pizza Hut. How can something that is only $3.50 taste so good? David was out of town for the evening so I had the house to myself. I watched Friends and hung out with the animals...and then missed David.

On Saturday I went to yoga, ran errands, and started cleaning. While spring cleaning is a LOT of work, I think it is worth it to try to finish the job before the weather gets beautiful outside and I do not want to be cooped up in the house!

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Kathy said...

Davey has a lucky deal going, if he says he has to study all the time so he doesn't have to spring clean with you!