Wednesday, March 30, 2011


David and I went through our budget a few days ago and determined that we spend WAY too much money on groceries. Seriously, how can two people eat enough to use up so much of our budget each month? Because of our discussion, I decided to try a challenge. During the month of April, I am going to try to only spend $50/week on groceries.

The rules:
- the $50 covers the weekly food, not big expenses like alcohol or something like olive oil
- try to eat as healthy as possible (no ramen)
- have fun and be creative!

Our issue is that we cannot exactly coupon clip around here...we do not eat enough non-perishable items! 90% of our grocery budget goes to fruits and vegetables. Here is the breakdown of how I anticipate our money being spent:
$6- oranges
$5- bananas
$7- spinach
$3- carrots
$3- apples
$8- other vegetables for supper, etc.
$5-8- some kind of meat
$5-8- grains, tortillas, etc.
$2- canned food

I plan to post a weekly update. This may fail miserably, but at least I will have documentation!


Jules said...

What an interesting challenge! I remember we just discussed both of our families seemingly excessive grocery spending, so I can't wait to see how this goes for you guys. If you come up with any useful tips on how to cut back on the budget I'd love to hear them!

Danielle said...

I will be interested to see how this goes. Not because I think you will fail, but because we have tried cutting our budget before too and it is so tough! Like you, we don't buy much processed crap, so we can't really use coupons either. :-( Good luck!

Mrs. Haid said...

This is about our budget, too. Actually, I try to do 30 for about 4 days or so...

Meat is the hardest, I think. Its where I feel forced to skimp. I mean... a pack of chicken tenderloins costs that much!

Where is the room for ice cream in your budget? :o) That's a staple for Dan!!!

Joel said...

I tried living on 50 dollars for a month. I guess that would be a 100 dollars for you and David. I failed hard.

frameaj1 said...

$50 dollars seems too hard :3

grandma bert said...

I might recommend frozen veggies. I think the steamer bags are very good. They seem to feed two adequately. Bill and I often eat them. Do you have an Aldi grocery store near you? Their veggies and fruits are a lot cheaper. They are, of course, not organic, but I don't buy organic anyway.

Well-Sugared Student said...

We tried $50, but we didn't monitor very closely and failed. We spend about $60-75 and that doesn't include eating out -- we decided to just make food our thing we're willing to spend more on for health reasons. We don't get all organic stuff though -- we just try to get mostly organic produce.

That said, I definitely think it can be done, even w/ mostly organic produce, especially if big purchases like olive oil and the like aren't included. Try OATMEAL for breakfast -- super cheap. BTW - I've been buying 1 lb cartons of Earth Bound Farms (or whatever they are called) spinach and the like -- under $5 on sale and it lasts a week. GOOD LUCK! I'm interested to see the break down! Maybe we will try it again if you succeed (and share all the recipes)!

Kathy said...

Abbie, I love this topic! I am so charmed that you are budgeting $7 a week for spinach! I also recommend Aldi, where I purchase almost all of our food. I think it would be hard to spend $50 a week to feed two people at Aldi. A lucky thing which contributes to having low grocery bills, is to not be very interested in or particular about food! I realize this doesn't apply to most people, but it works fine for me.