Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate Ale

Last week a friend and I had lunch on Saturday. During lunch she mentioned the Boulevard Chocolate Ale. I had never heard of this before, so I was intrigued. She thought that it was pretty hard to find, so we decided to head to the brewery to check the status of the chocolate ale.

The people at the brewery said that they did not have it. They also said that our best bet for finding the Ale was to ask people from out of town to check in their liquor stores---their suggestion was to look in Omaha! Finally, they gave us a few hints as to where to find it on draft in a bar.

We stopped in a liquor store and asked for the Chocolate Ale. The check-out lady laughed at us and said, "Um, we are out of THAT." Okay. We go to a corner grocery store..."No way. We've had so many people coming in here to look, though." Finally, we went to a wine shop and they also did not have it! We decided that by this time we HAD to try it, so we called some family and asked them to check in local liquor stores. Again, nothing. Finally, we decided to call bars and ask if it was on draft. We called one and they had sold out of the stuff in about one night. Finally, we hit the jackpot!

Let me tell you, this was amazing. It tasted like chocolate in my mouth. In case you did not know, a local chocolate maker named Christopher Elbow teamed up with Boulevard to develop this delicious ale. Apparently Boulevard is making this an annual tradition, so hopefully we can partake again next year!

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