Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Missing it

During certain points of the year, I have found myself really missing school. Most of the time while I was in school, I never felt like I was one of the people who could not wait to be finished or who wanted to graduate quickly. I loved school! However, by the end of law school, I felt like I was finally ready to graduate and work for a while. Studying, stress, and finals really wore me down. The bar this summer just took away the rest of my school energy.

However, this past month was harder. I really missed being in school. I missed the anticipation of finals, I missed studying for finals (if you can believe that!), I missed the coziness of reading, writing, and outlining. I missed taking tests and being rewarded by going on break. I even missed the stress a little bit!

I know that I am doing the right thing by working, that I am lucky to have a job, and that I am happy in my job. However, the realization that I will most likely never be in the school setting again finally set in and made me a little sad. I think it is just part of growing up.

All of my law school buddies, did you miss it this December?


Justine said...

I do not miss cramming for finals, but I definitely miss the great discussions. I don't get those anywhere else. A lot of the things we read or researched forced us to think about a lot of things we probably would rather not have . . . and I liked that. It was interesting hearing the different viewpoints in class, and I really miss having conversations with friends and professors about the topics I am especially passionate about. And, yes, I really, really miss researching and writing. I am such a dork.

Anonymous said...

RoRo said Abbie I think every student goes thru college withdrawl. I know both my boys were missing college life after they left Dayton> I kept telling them to realize that college days are the best days in their lives. I think they also miss the living and breathing with college friends and roommates that they made over the years, plus living in the "ghetto" for years with them. Both of my boys said "the real world sucks" After 4 or 5 years of living at college you have to grow up real fast and pay your own bills, getyour own furniture and welcome the real world. I remember one student ambassador who took us around UD said that living in the "ghetto" was like like a college independent living community....they had a maintenance man etc. Now they have to do their own stuff!

Kathy said...

I always did like being in school more than having a job--although I did not like TEACHING school very much!

Well-Sugared Student said...

No, I didn't miss school. It always felt like going from one burden to the next with a bit of rest in between. Sometimes I enjoyed my classes and I did like several aspects of it all, but...eh.

Now I can do more things with people and avoid the feeling I always had during school -- a nagging feeling that I had something else I needed to be doing or that there was something for which I should be preparing (even when there wasn't anything). I was always pitting myself up against some standard in my head. That's relaxed a lot now. Also, I still feel like I'm learning so dang much at work that I guess it's like alternative education, but now at least I'm getting paid.

You know though, I think I did miss a couple things about finals -- spreading out my work in a coffee shop and that satisfying feeling of "mastering" a subject.