Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since I get Martin Luther King Jr. day off from work, I thought that I would share some interesting facts I found about him:

  • Martin Luther King day was not observed in all 50 states until 2000.
  • Ronald Reagan created the federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • MLK is honored as a 20th Century Martyr in Westminster Abbey
(from MLK Wikipedia article)

I remember reading "Letter from Birmingham Jail" while I was in high school and enjoying it. Today I decided to read it again in honor of MLK. I highly suggest reading this thought-provoking piece. One of my favorite quotations, and as someone who just went to law school, one that is interesting to me:
How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in the terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.
Happy MLK Day! Do any of the older readers of my blog have any memories of MLK while he was alive? Or were you too young?

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