Monday, January 03, 2011

Hoppin' John

I made Hoppin' John for New Year's Eve on Saturday. It was delicious and I may make this again! Did you eat your black-eyed peas? Eating black-eyed peas on New Year's day brings prosperity. I apologize for not warning you earlier. I created this recipe from several I saw online.

Hoppin' John

- two cans black-eyed peas
- three celery stalks
- one small onion
- four strips of bacon
- one can of beer
- salt and pepper to taste
- hot sauce

Drain the cans of black-eyed peas. Dice the celery and onion.

Dice and fry the pieces of bacon in a pot. Drain the grease, save a small teaspoon. Saute the celery and onion in the remaining bacon grease until slightly cooked. Add the can of beer, cooked bacon, and the black-eyed peas. Salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for an hour. Top with hot sauce to taste.

I hope you all have a happy Monday!


Mrs. Haid said...

I made this in the slow cooker this fall, but my recipe called for collard greens and polish sausage! It was pretty good, and I didn't have to precook or soak the b.e. peas

But, no. I had turkey rice soup for New Years! Forgot about the good luck!

Well-Sugared Student said...

it's too late to apologize. ;-)

Heather said...

Yes I had black eyed peas and cabbage so I should be good for this year. :)