Monday, January 17, 2011

Hoot hoot


Yesterday morning I woke up verrry early (6:30 a.m.) while it was still dark outside. The animals were stirring. All of a sudden, I heard a "hoot hoot, hoot hoot!" After listening to it for a while, I got up and saw Thorina looking out of the living room window. I saw where she was gazing and I saw the silhouette of two hoot owls very far up in a tree.

Aack! Are hoot owls dangerous for things like small doggies going potty outside? They look kind of scary.


Kate said...

They can be dangerous! They may not succeed at carrying one off (unless it was a chihuahua or something) but they can hurt them.

I just googled it, and here's one article:

Anonymous said...

RORO said Yes they are! Watch you dog and cats closely. We were in Florida for 5 days and on their news this morning they talked about an owl picking up a Chihuahua dog and plopping him down again, after the owner was sceaming at the owl. The dog was wearing a coat and the owl's talon went thru the coat and puctured the dog's skin. This is a true story!

Kathy said...

I first thought that you were lucky to have the excitement of seeing and hearing a hoot owl. It wouldn't have occurred to me that they could be dangerous!