Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Thing Friday: Stem Yoga gear

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Now that my friend Jancin and I are up to four yoga classes a week (please, you can just call us, I decided to start building my yoga wardrobe. Seriously, for how much I run, go to yoga, walk, etc., my workout wardrobe is pathetic. My mom bought me a few really nice tank tops/bra combos when I was younger and I have not bought anything since.

Therefore, I decided to start looking out for some yoga gear. This tank top is absolutely amazing and it was on sale at Nordstrom (I think that it sold out, though). I LOVE this top. It is super long, stretchy, and really cute. Now I want to buy the entire Stem line. I will have to keep saving my clothing budget!

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Kathy said...

Tom is working out at his new gym again right now. Since he likes excuses for purchasing clothes, I hope he doesn't read your post and get the idea that he should buy himself exercise clothes!

That is amazing that you and your friend go to yoga four times a week! Good for you!