Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dressing in the bitter cold

Not all of us have a fur coat, kitty.

Today is bitter, bitter cold. I just looked at the weather and it stated that it was 1 degree with a wind chill of -12. I know in some parts of the country that is not very cold, but for us it is!!!

I have a quandary today. The weather outside is so very cold, and yet I have to wear a suit of some kind. There is no way of getting around the fact that I have to look very professional for work. So---I need suggestions. How do people bundle up for work when you have to look presentable? I am thinking of doubling up on tights under my pants, etc. Help!!!


Katie said...

I have the same dilemma since Jeremy & I walk to work each day. To start, I bought a pair of good snow boots that have a warm fuzzy lining, and I carefully fold my pants around my leg so they are inside the boot & safe from being stained by the melty snow & salt. Also, I bought a coat that's somewhat longer to cover my bootay, and then just wear a hat & nice cozy scarf. On days i'm feeling vain about my hair i wear a fleece headband & put my hood up.

I have heard there are some really nice wicking long underwears for women to wear under their clothes, but i am hot blooded & end up sweating during the day if i go that route!

Good luck & stay warm! I dont know about you, but i am READY for spring!

Jeff said...

although i am sure we wear two different uniforms or sets of clothing at work, haha, i have to look professional as well. long underwear works wonders, and it might be a lot warmer than the tights you are wearing. just make sure you are wearing them under pants and not skirts haha. also, i layer up a lot, putting long sleeve shirts under my button down uniform/badge shirt if i am wearing it that day. some guys wear mock turtle necks, which have a very short collar and some sleeves are shorter so it stays out of the way more. hope this helps!

Kathy said...

Katie, you and Jeremy are amazingly lucky, being able to walk to work! I wonder how many people in this country get to walk to work!