Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tree Trimming Party

A few days before Thanksgiving we had a little tree trimming party. Usually I do not assemble our tree until the Saturday after Thanksgiving (it is a little tradition we have to assemble the tree and watch Love Actually). However, this year, I had some good friends over the weekend after Thanksgiving and wanted the house to look like Christmas for them.

We essentially had one evening in which to decorate the tree, so we invited David's mother, sister, and her kids to help. For supper, we decided to set up a small buffet of meats, crackers, cheese, and other small appetizers.

I bought this decoration a year or so ago and love it! It is the snowman from Rudolph.

The kids loved "helping" sort the branches and looking at our decorations! Every year we laugh at our ornament boxes our moms gave us. Since I was the first grandchild in one family and the first born in my family, mine is a huge box full of beautiful ornaments for each year of my childhood. Since David is number three out of four children, he has a small box. However, his are cute because they are little handcrafted ornaments from his childhood. We are happy to have all of our ornaments!

Have you put up a tree yet if that is your tradition?


Kathy said...

I love that funny picture of Noah, as well as the happy memories in Davey's small box of ornaments!

Our tree was finally finished yesterday, as well as all of our inside and outside decorations. It took us more than a week of working in our spare time. I'm thinking you and David have a better system!

Anonymous said...

RORO said---We are working on ourd TODAY!