Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Green Monster

Today I decided to try the Green Monster shake. I tried the first recipe on the website with the banana, spinach, soy milk, flax, and ice. Verdict: okay. It is so weird to be eating something and cold at the same time.

David's take: "It is not terrible."

Have you ever tried this monster shake?


Anonymous said...

RORO said NO~~~greena and shake don't go together unless it's Chocolate mint!

Jules said...

Ooh I am so glad to hear your thoughts (and that it wasn't terrible)! That's one of those things I have wanted to try but never have. If you try and versions that you think are particularly good let me know!

Well-Sugared Student said...

haha - "It's not terrible." I haven't tried it, but I agree with RORO. I guess I would try it though. Did you guys get a lot of snow??