Monday, December 13, 2010


It. is. cold.

FREEZING cold here. Brrrrr. We got our first real snow on Saturday evening and the temperature seemed to drop lower and lower throughout the weekend. The snow is not too bad, but when it is coupled with the freezing temperatures it seems like a winter wonderland!

We had a wonderful weekend complete with a visit from my parents, a cooking class, my Bikram yoga holiday party, shopping with my sister-in-law for a fancy dress, and the end of our bowling league. For now, I need to go recover before staring a crazy work week!


Kathy said...

I could not get gas this morning because my gas door is frozen shut! The gas station man came out and tried to help me, but it wouldn't open. This could be serious for people who wait until the last minute to purchase gas.

Anonymous said...

RORO said i drove to school on Lindbergh instead of 270---Lindbergh was a MESS! Some gal 360ed right next to me and ran into the curb ionstead of me!