Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010: by Paco

Christmas this year left me really exhausted. I had a good time seeing a lot of people and had fun eating a lot of good food dropped on the floor.

First, I greeted my friend Allie. She is almost as short as I am, and I like her a lot because she always gives me hugs:
Then, these guys started to play Christmas music on the trombone. Everybody sang. It sounded okay, but sometimes things were a little flat. I don't know why humans do what they do sometimes:
Did I mention that I had my Christmas sweater on?
Allie, my brother Jose, and I enjoyed a long discussion about Christmases in the past:

For some reason, humans act very goofy sometimes:We came home and had a very relaxing evening and Sunday. Whew! How exhausting!


kisa said...

What an excellent narrative! Paco has a gift for story-telling!

Kathy said...

This was such a cute photo-story! We are always happy to see Paco and Jose around here!