Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday last week. On Wednesday evening we hit the road to my parents' house, where we enjoyed taco salads with my mom's sister's family. I was happily surprised that my cousin Michael flew all the way from LA for the holiday and celebrated with us!

On Thanksgiving day, we ran a 5K Turkey Trot. I barely beat my brother in the race but was the only one out of my family not to win a prize! David and my mom both won first in their age divisions (pumpkin pies) and my brother won third (a box of stuffing)!Oh well about the prizes....we had a lot of fun!

After that, we ate a delicious lunch at my grandmother's house where she outdid herself yet again. It was nice to visit with everybody.

In the early afternoon, we traveled to a little bed and breakfast cabin in a small town to meet David's family. It is their family tradition to go on a trip every year for Thanksgiving.
We ate another Thanksgiving feast that night! Here is the entire crew:
What a fun holiday! What did you do for Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...

mine was boring! 2 boys couldn't come home and cooked for 5 of us, me , Richie, mom , Lee and Gaby!

Kathy said...

It really was a delightful weekend!