Thursday, November 04, 2010

Six months


It has been six months since I started Bikram Yoga. I have to say that I am as addicted to it as I was a few months ago! While I am at work, I can feel my body wanting to go into poses. It presents such a challenge to me---every class is different and even when I have a string of really good classes, I inevitably have a very frustrating one to humble me again.

I do feel that I am improving with every class, though. I have a yoga buddy and we try to get to the studio three times a week.

It is funny what happens when you go to yoga with a friend. ALL WE DISCUSS is yoga and the people in our class. We speculate over who the teachers like. We have little names for other people, like "the new girl" or "the really really good brown-haired girl" or "the lady who has been going every single day for the past forty-five days".

Funny things from yoga:
- We are pretty sure that one of the teachers think that me and Jancin are "life partners". We go in every day and then on Tuesday I told him that we would not be back for the rest of the week, so we wanted to finish two classes on back-to-back days. He said, "oh are you guys going out of town? What are you guys doing together?" Hahahahhaa.
- My friend has an issue with her foot that causes her to not be able to turn it in a certain direction (or maybe she is just normal and the teachers expect the insane). One of the teachers began talking at her, saying, "oh Jancin, turn your foot in. You can do it," over and over. Finally, Jancin yells, "I HAVE a clubfoot!" The teacher then proceeded to go over to her and told her that she can correct that problem with yoga if she keeps coming long enough. Right.
- One of the teachers told us that our cells store emotions of yore, and that during yoga our cells will unlock happy and sad feelings, so if we needed to break out into sobs during class it was okay.


Kathy said...

Abby, that is amazing that you have been going for six months! I used to really enjoy doing yoga videos, and wish I was still in that habit!

My mom and your mom and I had a delightful time together today!

Katie said...

LOL! I got a kick out of the last one. Next time I cry I will just tell Jeremy it's my cells releasing sadness. :)