Monday, November 15, 2010

Paco, control yourself.

Just look at him. Why does he feel the need to expose himself all over the Internet? Don't ask me.

Today has been a crazy Monday. Luckily, it will probably be the nuttiest day out of my week. I spilled coffee all over myself this morning because the gas station didn't have a proper hot lid but only the cold plastic things. Before that, I made a fool out of myself because I had to keep asking the lady where the lids were. "Right there," she kept pointing. "ummm....where?" said I. Finally, I realized that she was indeed pointing to the plastic lids for the soft drinks. How does that make sense?

Just now I tried to make my lunch for tomorrow. My lunch consists of almonds, a full bowl of broccoli (unless David makes it, which means that I will have a half of a bowl because that man cannot stand to pack a full bowlful of food because I may waste some), celery, and carrots. Oh, and an apple. I know, it is horrible. I got the broccoli out of the fridge and it had sprouted mold. That means that not only will I get that miserable-sounding lunch, but I will get that miserable-sounding lunch with a side of fuzzy mold.

In other news, Arwen added this to her Christmas list this past week:

It totally starts up whenever anything moves around it. How fun will that be? She even gets excited when I show her the Youtube video.

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