Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My body goals: food


A couple of months ago, I wrote about how I wanted to lose some weight. As you can probably guess, weight loss is a large part of why I started going to Bikram yoga (now I obviously think there are other benefits besides weight loss).

At the end of law school, I knew that I had to get my body in gear. My weight was at the high end for me---I think that I weighed more at one point in high school and after my freshman year of college. At any rate, I knew that I wanted to do something about it. I am not saying that I was overweight or in any sort of real trouble, but a few things motivated me:
- I got a job and I had some work clothes my mom bought me in college, but they did not fit because I was too big to fit into them. I wanted to fit into those clothes so I did not have to buy more!
- I had more time in law school. Law school sucked a lot out of me time-wise, but at the same time, I had time to cook my favorite foods, etc.
- Going to work allowed me to control what I ate during the day. I can't exactly go and snack on the pita chips in our pantry while I am at work.
- I wanted to be healthier in general and I felt that my food intake during law school was not always healthy.

My friend Julie taught me that controlling your food intake while at work is extremely important. She brought things like salads and carrots and other vegetables to work---things that added up to a good meal calorie-wise, but were way healthier than things like hot dogs. So, my first step was to get into a routine about what I brought to work. I now bring:
- almonds (300 calories worth)
- broccoli (a huge bowlful)
- celery
- two apples
- carrots

All of these things add up to a normal lunch, but are all healthy food. The raw celery and carrots help me feel like I am snacking longer than what I am actually snacking.

For breakfast, I have a fruit smoothie every day. It includes one orange, one banana, and several frozen raspberries. I love it. Later in the morning, I eat another piece of fruit (usually an apple).

Other than that, I eat more veggies and less rice and noodles at home. I think that this has helped me tremendously- I do not crave the carbs like I used to, which helps.

Do you have any tips for losing weight with food? What do you consider to be a healthy diet?


Kate said...

I'm probably the last person who should be giving any kind of diet advice just because my system is SO effed up, and if I ate like a normal person I'd probably explode and die (I seriously think my stomach is about half the size of a normal person's). But I tend to feel so much happier when I have smaller amounts of dense foods, rather than large quantities of less dense ones (umm, I guess that may be the small stomach thing?). So I try to find ways to put extra, rich nutrients into the amount of stuff I do eat. Flaxseed is my FAVORITE - I put ground flaxseed in just about everything! When I have a smoothie (not often because they make me feel full and icky) I put in about half a tablespoon. I add maybe 3 or 4 tablespoons to my bran muffin recipe. Half a tablespoon into oatmeal. And I put about 1/4 c into 2 loaves of bread, when I make that. It really helps me fill up, without feeling full.

I eat a lot of almonds for the same reason. My idea of a good, filling lunch is an almond, an apple, and maybe a TJ's-healthy-equivalent-of-a-NutriGrain-bar for a snack.

But like I said, my stomach and system are weird, so YMMV :-)

Kathy said...

At my new job we can't eat at the reference desk, so I can only eat during my half-hour lunch. Obviously, I cannot eat much during a half-hour! I bring grapes to eat on my drive back and forth. I have peanut butter and whole-wheat crackers and a big dish of slaw for my lunch.

I am sorry that women have to waste so much time and brain cells and energy thinking about what we eat! One time I read a magazine article about a woman who thought she was going to be killed, and her first thought was, "Shoot--if I had known I was about to die, I wouldn't have had just a salad for lunch!" I always remember that and think it is typical but pitiful!