Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton, thus breaking the hearts of millions of ladies around the world.

Did you ever dream about the possibility that you would meet Prince William and become queen of England? Or was that just me?

Luckily, I found my knight in shining armor who is, in my opinion, more dashing than the Prince:


Mrs. Haid said...

I think Prince W is looking OLD. I noticed his very thinning hair, and I was once again thankful for my cutie of a husband who is basically the same age as William, but with way more hair. And my wedding ring!

Jules said...

You are definitely NOT the only one who daydreamed of someday being the new Princess Di! :) Though I agree with the comment above...he is most definitely not as cute as he used to be back in the day!

Danielle said...

David is DEFINITELY more dashing than either of the princes. Not even a question!