Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shopping list

I have several things on my fall shopping that I need. Okay, I don't need them....I want them....but at this point I am probably going to ogle over the pictures rather than purchasing at the moment! Source

Mascara: I am out of mascara. Last week I decided to clean out my makeup containers and have a ridiculous amount of makeup to pitch. I do not think that I have cleaned out my makeup since I was in high school. I gathered all of my old mascaras and am using those for now.

Yoga pants: I lost my old yoga pants, or rather, David washed them and then they disappeared. I'll let you put two and two together....


New coat: My old coats are full of cat hair and pill balls. NOT ideal. Last year I just sucked it up and used it anyway because I wanted to hold off on buying a coat. However, this year, I will probably bite the bullet and buy one.

I bought a Gap Groupon for $50 with the hopes of purchasing said coat, but this weekend I went shopping and let's say that the Gap coat selection is not ideal this year. Dear Gap: Please bring back your classic coats. Source

Running shoes: My old running shoes are not supportive and I have had them for over a year. It is time to replace them. I really want pink accents on my new running shoes just makes running way better.

Do you have any essentials you need for fall?


Kathy said...

I need a couple of pairs of nice pants for work, as well as some better blue jeans. I hate shopping for clothes so much that I just keep putting it off, however.

This week, I am excited to be wearing my wardrobe of three cute Halloween tops to work! I am getting compliments on them every day!

Anonymous said...

So wait...why is David wearing your yoga pants? :-P

Jules said...

I just did a makeup purge too!! So gross...I even threw away makeup I can remember buying when I was in 8th grade, over TEN YEARS AGO, AUGHHHH!!!!