Monday, October 25, 2010


Last week I spent a lot of time relaxing. Every night after work I came home and did a lot of nothing. I watched a lot of this:Source

Yes, I still adore wedding shows, even though I have almost been married for 3.5 years.

I hit the snooze every morning and read frivolous things. I did not attend yoga and barely ran in the mornings.

It was nice, but almost too much. I went back to yoga on Saturday and remembered how much I love going. On Friday I steam cleaned our basement floors and felt a sense of accomplishment. Yesterday I painted a picture and felt so good about myself. Relaxing is nice every once in a while. As my mom pointed out, I had not relaxed for over 3 years while I was in law school. She is correct---there was always something to do, whether it was updating a resume during my breaks, turning in homework, or reading. Now I can come home, do nothing, and nobody cares. It was a soothing week but I am ready to get back into my normal routine this week!

Do you ever take a week off?


Anonymous said...

RORO said the first week of summer vacation is mine. Teachers have way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much work to do during the school year and there is always somethng to do. So the first week of summer vacation is mine---all mine but it is usually interrupted with something that I have to do for someone else!

Kathy said...

Were you on vacation from work? It sounds delightful!