Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet Blessing

Last Friday our church hosted a pet blessing. Pet blessings must be a fad right now because it seems that every single church we pass has a sign outside of it that says "Pet Blessing!" The blessings revolve around the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. The original plan was to take all three animals to the pet blessing with us. Unfortunately, that did not pan out very well.

The cats did NOT want to be blessed. After wrangling Thorina into the cat carrier, we attempted to shove Arwen into her spot in the carrier, only to realize that Thorina continuously was biting and swiping at Arvey. Arwen tried to get OUT of the carrier, Thorina focused on defending her territory, and David and I screamed because we did not know if all four of us would come out of the carrier episode unscathed. At that point, I determined that Arwen should be on a leash, which did not pan out well:

At one point I yelled, "Arwen! DO NOT walk away from me! DO NOT walk away!" What do you think she did? She ran away.

At that point, Thorina escaped from the carrier and went under the bed:

David under the bed and wondering why he got himself into this mess by marrying a crazy person.

It was chaos, let me tell you.

Eventually we gave up and decided to take Paco only (since he is the only obedient member of our pet family, which admittedly means that he probably needed the blessing the least):

While we were there, Paco made about nine girlfriends and gave his card to 4 other dogs, cats, and the rat who was in attendance.

Paco did not disappoint at his big moment, either:
What a good doggie!

So, basically, the perfect dog was blessed even more, and the devilish cats continued to rule the house. Maybe we should see if the priest travels to do home pet blessings.


Kathy said...

Oh, funny! Tom has ridden his horse to St. Theodore's pet blessing before, although if it was Cody, I guess that blessing did not work either!

Actually, you are related to a member of the clergy who owns a book full of blessings for everything from a baptistery to fishing gear! (I am paging through it right now, and am not kidding about the fishing gear!)

Well-Sugared Student said...

Word on the street is that they perform exorcisms at home. hehe

You're right, Paco probably is the one who needs it the least. Arwen, with her texting to Truman, on the other hand...

Heather said...

I love this post! I have only ever known one cat that liked a leash. I am not sure I know ANY cats that like the pet taxi. Maybe your priest would make a house call. :) I think the pet blessing is awesome. I can't remember now when I first read about one. Good for Paco for being a well behaved dog!

Katie said...

LOL! That picture of david half under the bed cracked me up! At least you guys tried...maybe your father in law can bring his vestments with him & do the blessing next time he's in town? :)

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Justine said...

hahaha! This made my night! :) I love Paco.

Anonymous said...

RORO said--my comment has already been said by "well-sugared student"