Thursday, October 07, 2010

My biggest fashion essential

My very favorite clothing item I own is my jean jacket. A few years ago, my friend Julie told me to read The One Hundred, a fabulous book that advises girls on timeless fashion items.
I loved reading it and then Julie bought herself a jean jacket and I copied her Julie and I decided that we should buy jean jackets together. Ever since then, I find multiple reasons to wear it and love it with my new work wardrobe.

My favorite thing to do is wear it with various fun skirts. Even though I am now an attorney and in general, attorneys dress very conservatively, my particular office is more casual. I love the jacket because it provides for a casual look while still seeming dressy.

What is your favorite clothing item in your closet?


Anonymous said...

RORO said--whatever is blue in my closet is my favorite---BUT I love the book and may buy it for my fashion design section of my class! Thanks for the idea!

Kathy said...

Abbie, I have a new jean jacket (which I just bought from my favorite garage sale in May)! It is black with sparkles on it. I took it to Branson over the weekend and felt very trendy--before I had even read your post!
The library where I work has been chilly most of the summer and I took a white sweater every day to put on whenever I was cold. I have been wondering what I can bring for winter, since that sweater looks summery. I have a long off-white sweater with a zipper in the front and a hood, which I thought I might use. But now that I have read your post, I think I will bring my new jean jacket some days. If it is not too casual for a lawyer, it is probably not too casual for a librarian!

Kathy said...

Speaking of fashion, ladies at my library were talking about their fall purses last week. As you know, I have a darling purse, which people compliment every week! Do you think I can continue to use it throughout the fall and winter, or is it only a spring and summer purse?