Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Julian and the Kemper

This weekend I went to Julian, a restaurant, and to the Kemper Museum with some friends.

Julian was a fun experience and very tasty. For my lunch I chose the smoked salmon and french fries. The salmon was served atop a French toast-inspired bread. I did not prefer the bread because I do not like egg very much, but other than that the salmon was delicious. The fries were delicious and crispy. My friends also tried the flatbread and really liked it. Julian offers delicious lunch and brunch options at a pretty reasonable price. I think they also serve dinner.

The Kemper was also very interesting. We saw the the Gao Brothers exhibit. The museum itself was smaller than I expected, but that is okay. I want to hit up the Nelson-Adkins sometime again...I have not been there in years.

Other than that, I went to yoga and cleaned the house. I also painted a painting to hang in our living some point I want to give you a tour of my home projects I have finished in the last few weeks!


Sarah said...

Did you know the owner of Julian is a contestant on this season's Next
Iron Chef? I've been following it this season because of that, and I
actually ran into her at Stride Rite last week. She was with her
husband and her little girl and I made an idiot of myself, blathering
on about how much I'm enjoying watching her on the show.

Anonymous said...

Can'g wait for the tour of your house and your projects. Want to see the painting as well.
The best to you and your hubby.
Have happy Thanksgiving.