Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Ice Bath

After my race on Sunday I decided to try an ice bath. As I said, I definitely did not plan on running 13.1 miles at once so I knew that I had to do something to ease the pain on Monday. I remembered reading this post from Chic Runner a year or so ago. (I love the video of her going through the ice bath because the sounds are exactly what I make when I dunk into mine.)

I tried it a year ago when training for our first half and thought that it worked. The point is that supposedly the ice helps your muscles repair and heal faster than if you take a warm bath. Last year, Julie took a cool bath and I took a hot bath (stupid, stupid) and I felt bad for days. So, this year, I decided to try the ice bath.

I called David from the road on my way home and asked him to pleaseeee draw a cold ice bath at his mom's house for me. I am sure they all thought that he was crazy when carrying ice cubes to the tub. Upon my arrival at their house, I eased into the tub. I wanted to scream SO much, but I restrained myself because my in-laws do not need to think I am crazier than they already do. I would say that I stayed in mayyybe 5 minutes--not very long.

But guess what? The pain yesterday was amazing because it was almost non-existent. My legs felt a little sore but were definitely manageable. I think the ice bath worked!

My real problem yesterday was my right foot. Unfortunately, I did not think ahead and I failed to lace my right shoe tightly before the race. Dumb, dumb. MAN it hurt yesterday. My mom is here and made me walk on it last night which really helped. I woke up this morning and it still hurts but is not nearly as bad as yesterday, so I am hoping it is on the mend.

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