Friday, October 01, 2010

Fun Thing Friday: Sloppy Joe buns

This week I have been thinking about fall food a lot. Comfort food, to be more specific. One of my favorite comfort meals is this funny little recipe my dad created and used to make for us when we were little. I know that it looks unappetizing above, but I made it this week and wanted to show a picture. All you do to make the dish is buy a can of biscuits (gross, I know). Squish them in the bottoms of muffin pans. Then, add already cooked sloppy joe hamburger (I season my own but you can us manwich or something similar). This time, to add a semblance of healthiness, I added corn. Cook until the biscuits are finished, about 8-10 minutes or so at 350 (this probably is not actually correct so I would watch them in the oven).

Yum yum, I ate three of them last night and did no yoga. Fail .

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Kathy said...

That is so sweet, that your dad made charming, kid-friendly recipes like that for you!