Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Planning a shower: Part 2

We were so happy to host Jolene's shower. Here are more aspects of the shower we considered before the big day:

1. Food: every hostess was in charge of several dishes. Rachel worked on dips, Beth worked on a delicious salad, I worked on fruit salad, and my mom worked on the main dishes. Usually shower food is light, fun, and a reflection of what the bride likes. The food can be easily incorporated into a theme (think destination wedding in Mexico, Mexico-themed shower, Mexican food).
2. Toast: usually the hostesses will thank everybody for coming and say a few words about the bride. In our case, it wasn't hard to come up with many words for Jolene! We also had each guest say how they knew Jolene before Jolene opened their particular gift.
3. Desserts: Luckily Rachel's mom is a fantastic cake maker and decorator. Just look at these creations she made for the occasion:

Most people had a piece of each. They were sooooo good!

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