Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How to plan a wedding shower

Besides the Bachelorette party, last weekend we threw Jolene a bridal shower. I simply ADORE bridal showers and think they are so much fun. I loved mine! Every bride should experience being surrounded by family and some friends who give her tips and advice for married life. In case you did not know, a shower is a gathering of the bride's closest family and friends (and family friends) who each bring a gift for the bride. Usually before the shower, the bride registers so the guests will have a choice of gifts.

Small town showers are often different than showers in the big city. First of all, I know that it is not polite to open presents in front of guests, but most people do in small town showers. Small town showers tend to be very big---up to fifty guests---who all dress up and enjoy seeing the bride and visiting. Also a word to small town brides: block off the weekend or the day before your shower because guests will visit your mother's house. If they cannot attend the shower, they will want to see you and drop off your gift! Usually the close friends and/or bridesmaids will host the showers, although sometimes mothers-in-law will so the bride can meet her new family!

Here are a few things about which I think before throwing a shower:

1. Venue: most showers are held in a church hall. We happen to be Catholic, which is why Pope John Paul II is featured in the decor (just kidding, his picture is up in the hall). Pick a venue that will be intimate yet big enough for the shower. It is always easier to have a kitchen at the venue. Often showers are also held at a hostess's home.
2. Decorations: Most people decorate the hall with the theme and colors of the wedding itself. This gives the guests a preview of the wedding.
3. Drinks: We served lots of different drinks, including sweet tea, iced tea, water, punch, champagne punch, wine, and champagne. It is up to the hostesses to decide whether or not to serve alcohol at the shower. Sometimes the bride or her family do not believe in drinking, and of course in that situation it would be impolite to serve liquor. After that, one may consider the time of the shower. If it is a morning shower, it may be fun to serve mimosas and bloody marys.
I will write more tomorrow, but for now I better dash!


Kathy said...

Gosh, your shower looks lovely. You are already an expert at planning showers, and now you are about to have even more practice, since you get to be in Emily's wedding! Emily, you are fortunate to have such an experienced bridesmaid!

Anonymous said...

RORO SAID~~~Fun topic~~~you should be featured in a Brides Magazine!