Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Going home

This past weekend we went home to my parents' house. Part of the reason why I love going home is to see the gorgeous scenery. It is very rare now that we are able to enjoy looking at a sunset from the middle of the prairie, free from obstructions.
Just looking at these pictures gives me an overwhelming sense of calm. I also love looking at the stars. What do you like best about going back to your childhood home, if you can still go back?


Anonymous said...

We live in the home I grew up in. It is pretty neat. We hope the farm stays in the family for future generations. Ruth Miler

Heather said...

I was just there over Labor Day weekend. There is nothing like the peacefulness I still feel in that house. It is on part of the farm homestead that my Great Grandfather originally settled in the early 1900s so it is nice to have that connection to my family history too.