Thursday, September 09, 2010


Last night I made a tilapia dish that was pretty good. I forgot to take a picture because I kept eating it, but here is the recipe:

Raspberry Tilapia
- tilapia fillets
- fresh raspberries
- sugar
- white wine
- olive oil
- flour
- salt
- fresh thyme

Wipe the unfrozen tilapia down with a paper towel and cover with Old Bay spice and flour. Sear in the olive oil until cooked. Set aside.

Pour the white wine on the hot skillet that still has the leftover flour and olive oil on the bottom. Scrape the good bits off the bottom and crush the raspberries into the liquid. Add fresh thyme, sugar, and salt to taste!


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Anonymous said...

Mr B says to remember to use Old Bay spice and not Old Spice bay rum. It definitely makes a difference.