Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bachelorette partay!

Part of the weekend's fun wedding festivities was going to our friend Jolene's bachelorette party. Jolene requested that we did not plan TOO much of the usual penis-on-a-straw-goofy-veil-wearing-drinking-crazy party for the weekend. So, my friend Rachel planned a wonderful cruise along the Mississippi river in Hannibal, a girls only hotel stay, and plenty of wine. Perfect!

Beth, me, the Bride, Rachel, Mr. Fowler

Who is this random man? As we walked onto the boat we realized that our old high school history teacher was second-in-command on the boat. Of course we had to visit him in the captain's cabin and hear funny stories about life on a riverboat. What was the one thing we all remembered from his class? TNSTAAFL. That means, "there's no such think as a free lunch". Ha.
The cruise was very relaxing and lovely. We had a great time on it and I would encourage you to visit Hannibal for a fun and easy weekend getaway!

The after-dinner wine was delicious as well. We sampled different Missouri wines complied by Rachel. Good job planning, Rach!


Kathy said...

Thankfully, I must be out of the loop on traditional bachelorette parties! This one sounds delightful, though! I'm sure your History teacher was thrilled to see you and happy you remembered his good advice.

Heather said...

I have been on the riverboat cruise several times at Hannibal. It is the best Mississippi River boat cruise I've ever been on and I've tried several. :) Glad you girls are still able to get together and have fun