Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you a runner?

A few days ago I was sitting in the hot yoga room and noticed someone waving at me out of the corner of my eye. I looked at the woman and she said, "excuse me, are you a runner?"

My gut reaction was to go, "pssshhhh no. I wouldn't call what I do running."

But then I realized that she was really wondering if I had run in a recent race because she saw my race flip-flops in the dressing room. The question made me think, though. Who really is a runner? Why don't I consider myself to fall in that category?

My perception of a runner is someone who has at least completed one marathon, and perhaps I think that the runner should have completed more than one (because I do know that a lot of people run full marathons on a whim and never run one again, which is awesome and really impressive, but does not garner true runner status in my mind).

Lately, my running definitely has not gotten close to runner status. The longest run I have completed in a while is four miles. I am definitely not saying that this is bad, but just a change from when I used to complete a 4, 6, and 6 miler during the week. I have been way more interested in my yoga than running and feel that it is the exercise path I want to pursue right now. Still, I miss running sometimes.

What do you think should be the cutoff for considering someone a runner?


Katie said...

That's a tough question! I guess I dont consider the length of any finish race as determining if someone is a runner...more if they run on a regular basis & it's a stable part of their life.

For example...I've completed 3 marathons, and over 5 half marathons...but never run on a regular basis. I consider myself a couch potato that runs sometimes, rather than a lazy runner. :) You & David on the other hand, I would consider runners. :)

Well-Sugared Student said...

Haha - I think I'm a runner. If you run regularly, you're a runner. Glad you're liking yoga!