Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend fun

This weekend David's family came to visit. On Friday evening we enjoyed a nice feast of kabobs, potato casserole, and salad. On Saturday, we had an almost exact repeat of my Saturday with my mom, because we went to City Market and to The Farmhouse. I love the Farmhouse food so very much. I tried a farmer greens salad this time and it lived up to my expectations!

We rode the little train with the kids on Saturday at City Market. It was a lot of fun.

And no, I am not sure why my hair looks like this:

David's mom is behind me with our niece Allie. I am with Noah:

That evening we went to R.C.'s Restaurant and Lounge. The house specialty is fried chicken, so everybody feasted on delicious chicken and sides like green beans, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and gravy. R.C.'s was good, but I would not pick it again just because I don't get into fried chicken very much. However, it is definitely worth a try because everybody else in my party was raving about it!

R.C.'s Restaurant and Lounge
330 East 135th Street, Kansas City -
(816) 942-4202


Sarah said...

I wouldn't go back there, either. I think our mistake was getting the chicken fingers but I was also not in the mood for fried chicken at the time. I also didn't think much of the mashed potatoes. The biscuits were pretty much the only redeeming part of the meal.

Kathy said...

We had such a delightful visit, and I know the grandmas enjoyed it, too. I loved the restaurants, the City Market, our close games of Boggle, the walks, seeing Sarah's family, hanging out at your beautiful house, and all of the chatting and interesting discussions. Thanks for sharing your gift of Christian hospitality!

Well-Sugared Student said...

LOL @ the second hair picture. It didn't look like that! Trying all of those new restaurants sounds fun!

Also, I saw your mom and dad's blurb in the Mizzou Alumni magazine!

Pop said...

The fried chicken was okay but not nearly as good as what can be had at the St. Theodore Picnic, held the 3rd Sunday of July.

The Fall Festival has delicious turkey and sausage - 3rd Sunday in September!