Sunday, August 08, 2010

To have TV or not to have TV?

David and I are considering canceling our cable. Our city doesn't have antenna TV (that I've aware of), so we would just be without TV in our house. Why would we do this? Honestly, we do not watch TV that often. The only time we watch it is while I'm eating supper or if I turn it on for background noise. We have shows we love, but they are all on Netflix or Hulu, which is how we watch them anyway.

It would save $30/month, which is a savings of $360 a year.

My only reservation is that I love the Food Network! I love to have it on while I'm cleaning or just hanging around the house.

What do you think? If you currently do not have cable, do you like it? Will I learn not to miss it?


Kathy said...

What do I think? Ha,ha! Even if cable tv were free, I would vote to cancel it. I am not a fan of tv whatsoever, and I would be happy to think that perhaps I influenced David to be a tv-free person!

Well-Sugared Student said...

Get rid of it -- save the money! We haven't had TV for the past year and it's great for the most part. The only downsides are not being able to watch the evening/morning news (Today show, for you) and not being able to see shows the same day. I've rarely watched TV with the exception of a show or two for a long time though... Anyhow, like you said, you have Netflix!

By the way, I recently read studies discussing the links between hours of TV and numerous health problems (not just obesity) AND the correlation between TV exposure and children's learning/social disabilities/disorders. Not that I'm thinking you're at risk, but just pointing it out. Then again, similar correlations probably exist between screen time of any kind and such issues.

Sorry for the cruddy grammar. But not sorry enough to fix it.

Mrs. Haid said...

I bet your city does have some of the antenna (digital signal now, get with the times Ab!!). We haven't had cable except for the 2 months it was free on demo from our internet provider. I miss DVR the most. But we basically aren't hooked to the TV and when I got to my parents, its really special to see satellite programming and watch Cake Boss, SYTTD, etc. I think you could have a neat trip with that extra money! Air fare, at least? (airfare? airfaire? ayrefayre? what weird word.)

Katie said...

If you can keep the internet w/o having to have cable then I would vote to cancel it... We have the luxury of dish network but only have 9 channels. The major networks & then a couple extra. Shows we like we either watch on netflix/hulu or try to catch them when we go to our parents houses. :)

I wonder if your company has a sub-basic package that would give you just the network channels? Time warner used to have a package that was like $11/month.

Anonymous said...

RORO said we have never had cable, so we don't know what are missing. Richie says one less biill to pay! I finally got to watch what my students talk about when we were at the hotel in KC to see you...CakeBoss and Deadliest Catch. I do love to watch Oprah and decompose after school and I do love the Today show during the summer and local news and weather. The rest I could live without and have basically lived without while we were in Alska for 2 weeks!

Sarah said...

I would like to get rid of cable, but the husband is not on board. I think I'll bring it up again when baseball season is over. And how is yours only $30 a month? I thought we had the most basic package, but ours is $70 a month. I may have to look into that. Do you have a DVR box?