Monday, August 09, 2010

Soundtrack of your life

Today some guys on the radio were talking about soundtracks that they love. One of the announcers reminisced about how he would sit and listen to a soundtrack to a movie (of which I had never heard) over and over in his room when he was younger. Their conversation made me think of my favorite soundtracks. When thinking of your favorite soundtrack, you must remember that the movie itself does not necessarily have to be good, but the soundtrack must be awesome. Also, I think that a rule should be that the soundtrack cannot include musicals or instrumental pieces only. We all have favorite records, so it was fun to think of my favorite soundtracks for a change. Here's my list:

1. Almost Famous soundtrackSource
First of all, you must see this movie. It is awesome. I used to just adore this movie when I was in high school. The movie follows a young genius who writes for Rolling Stone as he trails a rock band in the early 1970s. I believe that the movie is based on Cameron Crowe's own experiences. He certainly made the soundtrack wonderful. I especially love "I've Seen All Good People: Your Move" by Yes, "Feel Flows" by the Beach Boys (definitely the best Beach Boys song), "America" by Simon and Garfunkel and "Sparks" by The Who. Who can resist a hippie soundtrack that includes The Who? Definitely not me, and "Sparks" is such an awesome song. I also love "Every Picture Tells a Story" by Rod Stewart and "Something in the Air" by Thunderclap Newman.
This soundtrack brings me to my high school days when I was definitely more of a hippie when I used to do things like paint my own clothes (oh yes, that is another post for another time). You must listen to this soundtrack.

2. Into the Wild Soundtrack

Sigh, again, this movie is amazing. I love it. The movie itself tells the story of a guy who decides to give away all of his money and live on the fly. He ends up in Alaska where he tries to survive in the wilderness on his own. The soundtrack is even more amazing because Eddie Vedder composed and performed the entire thing by himself. Eddie Vedder is an amazing artist, but I think that this soundtrack is my favorite of all of his work. The entire soundtrack is so calming and thought-provoking. I love "Guaranteed", "Hard Sun", and "Society". This soundtrack makes me want to do something creative, like paint a picture.

3. The Royal TenenbaumsSource
This movie soundtrack could be included in this post solely because of the fact that it includes "These Days" by Nico, easily one of my top five songs of all time. I don't really prefer the instrumental songs on this album, but I love the various artist songs. Overall, a solid soundtrack.

4. Garden State Soundtrack


Let me clarify: I think that I am the only person in my generation who does not like this movie. I saw it once and thought it was awful. Maybe I should watch it again, but I doubt I will think it is much better. At any rate, I can still appreciate the great soundtrack despite my bias against the movie. "New Slang" is a great song that I love and used to enjoy almost every day during college. "Blue Eyes" always makes me think of my husband (he has amazingly gorgeous blue eyes), and in general the soundtrack reminds me of the time in college when I was first falling in love with the love of my life. It takes me back to when I spent the summers at school, working, having fun, taking fun classes, and hanging out with some pretty awesome people. Because of that, I will always hold this soundtrack dear to my heart despite my disrespect for the movie.

5. Magical Mystery Tour Soundtrack

I couldn't not include a Beatles movie since they are my favorite band of all time. This may be a prime example of a soundtrack for which the actual movie was no good, but the soundtrack was amazing. "The Fool on the Hill" and "All You Need is Love" are probably my favorite songs off of this soundtrack. This soundtrack always makes me happy.

What are your favorite soundtracks? When you listen to them, to what points of your life do they take you?


Mrs. Haid said...

I love garden state soundrack, too! I think you'd really like the second Six Feet Under soundtrack, its so good. Also similar are the second and third grey's anatomy soundtracks. I love them so much - enough to buy them again because they've been misplaced. And that says something!

Kathy said...

Wait a minute--cannot include musicals?? Isn't that how soundtracks got started? I am unfamiliar with any of your movies as well as all of the songs, except the Beetles' ones. However, I do own and dearly love dozens of cd's of Broadway musicals. I also have fond memories of record albums from my youth, but I don't think they were from movies.

David said...

It seems we enjoy many similar soundtracks. I also really enjoy Juno and O Brother, Where Art Thou? Of course, Moulin Rouge is near the top of my list too!

Sarah said...

Now you are making me want to go and download these songs, but I'm trying not to spend any money! Hmmmm, what to do?

Sarah said...

Oh, and I didn't like Garden State either.

Katie said...

The Forrest Gump soundtrack was always one of my favorites...beyond that i dont think i have much in the way of soundtracks. The only other ones i can think of are Evita & Phantom of the Opera, but both of those are musicals.