Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raise the eyebrow

My hair stylist told me to grow out my eyebrows. "STOP plucking!" he freaked. But how can I stop?

Let me tell you, growing the brows in is painful. There are so. many. messy. hairs. AND mysteriously, blond hairs have begun to grow where I used to have brown hairs.

Tell me, do you have any tips?


Mrs. Haid said...


And ... stop yourself after five hairs on each side.

Anonymous said...

RoRo said I never pluck my eyebrows. My hair stylist waxes them every 6-8 weeks when I see her. My eyebrows are hidden buy my glasses

Katie said...

Bangs? I detest bangs on myself bc i feel like my hair's always in my eyes, but I think they look cute on other people! Then as your brows grow out your bangs do too!

BTW! Thanks for the invite for this last weekend...I'm sorry I didnt get back to you...we were out of town last weekend, and between class 2 nights a week & long days at the office I turn into an internet hermit. hope you had fun!!