Thursday, August 05, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: Day 3

Our last day at Puerto Vallarta was filled with relaxing, relaxing, and more relaxing. Seriously, the only thing we did besides eat, sleep, walk to food, or sit on chairs was kayak. For about ten minutes. Kayaking looks fun until you get into the ocean and realize that you'd rather be laying by the pool under an umbrella again. That's what we did! I'm just going to share more pictures and add captions.
Sunset over the mountains. The rain set in every day at around 4 p.m. over the mountains near our resort. The juxtaposition of the rain to our left and the sun to the right was beautiful to watch. I also loved this pirate ship that you can see in this picture. The ship was a tour ship on which people could hold a parrot and see a cannon go off. We could hear the cannon go off every time the ship went out!

The obligatory picture of the towel-made friend in the hotel room. We got an elephant.

The view on one side from where we laid in our lounge chairs by the pool. The ocean was pretty rocky, so we preferred to lay by the pool and watch the ocean and hear the waves.

Do you see that kite thing there? Salesmen would walk up and down the beach, selling their wares. One salesperson sold this model parasailer-- a little man with a parachute attached to him. It was just so hilarious to look out and see this random kite with a little man attached, only to realize that as you looked at it a voice was saying, "You like? Price is almost free in the mornings!" I found this especially amusing because he advertised the night before that prices were best at night. ;)

Please ignore the goofy grin, stomach coming out, and lack of makeup and focus on the pina colada in my hand. Delicious. By a pool. Yummy.

Another fantastic sight of the clouds over the mountains. I never tired of watching the weather in Puerto Vallarta.

The waiters could not believe that all I wanted for breakfast was fruit and a croissant (or two). I loved it, though. The fruit was mega fresh and so tasty. It was also pretty on my plate!

David was a little less healthy during breakfast.

The sunset and I. We were friends.

Our view of the pool. Divine!

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It looks like a dream come true!