Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: Day 2

Our second day in Puerto Vallarta got off to a beautiful start. This was the view outside of our hotel balcony (on the non-ocean side). I just loved seeing the mountains in the background every day. The PV residents claim that Puerto Vallarta is similar to Hawaii, but since I've never been to the latter I would not know. At any rate, the scenery was gorgeous.

Because of a mix-up when booking (we booked through Expedia and it was our fault...we didn't read it very well), we ended up with a European package (no meals included) to our hotel, even though all-inclusive was available. At first I was a little sad, thinking that we would have limited options when eating. I will be the first to admit that I am not very adventurous when eating food in a foreign country. This stems from my first trip abroad, which was to England. Someone tricked me into eating blood sausage. Ever since then, I've been wary of food from other countries because I'm terrified of eating solidified blood again.

I really had nothing to fear, though, because our hotel had a beautiful ocean-side breakfast and Puerto Vallarta provided numerous culinary options. Here is the view from our breakfast every morning:
The night before, David booked us for a snorkeling cruise. The cruise boasted two snorkel adventures, an open bar, sandwiches, spaghetti, a green salad, and a snack.

David demonstrating the snorkeling and open bar

The boat cruised for quite a while to our first snorkeling destination.

This is where we stopped. Isn't this gorgeous?
We just loved looking at the wildlife on the huge rocks. David mused about how much fun it would be to dive off the top, but luckily he did not dive. We snorkeled through a cave. Unfortunately, because of the rainy season, the water was murkier than usual. We still saw a lot of cool fish, but we had to pay more attention than during my last snorkeling adventure in December.
David and I apparently posing for our next engagement picture. Watch out! You may be blinded by the non-tanned skin!
After the first snorkel, we received our first snack. This is where we realized that the cruise food would not be the usual swanky touristy food we thought it would be. As our snack, we received a plastic cup that was 1/3 full of vinegar-flavored Fritos. We were starving, so we gobbled up the very interesting chips.

Our next stop was here:
Doesn't it look like a tropical paradise? We snorkeled again, saw a bunch of crabs on rocks, and enjoyed exploring this beach:After the final snorkel, the afternoon rain set in for the day. Luckily, we had a tarp over the boat, but everybody crowded in. We figured that we would, you know, go back to shore, but instead lunch was served. By this time, David and I were laughing so very hard because there we were in the rain on a boat, in which the crew was beginning to serve us our lunch of a hamburger bun, a slice of ham, salad from a bag, and plain spaghetti out of a bowl. I also forgot that we had a can of parm cheese passed around while everybody was crouched under the awning. In the rain. It was so hilarious and crazy at the same time.

Finally the boat began to move and we moved out of the rain. When we got back, we went out to eat (since all we really ate were our sandwich buns) and then enjoyed the sunset from our hotel balcony: I loved it.


Kathy said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Our Vacation Bible School snacks were much better than your snorkeling cruise refreshments--plus much cuter! But at least they didn't serve you blood sausage (which is a treat in Tom's family!)

Sarah said...

It looks so pretty there!