Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby name map

Disclaimer: I AM NOT PREGNANT.

This is a really cool Map that I saw over on Geek in Heels. By the way, interestingly enough, excluding family, I believe that blog is the only blog that both my husband and I read.

Anyway, I found the map to be very interesting. How is William in the top 5 boys' names (well, for Missouri and Kansas at least)? I am happy to report that my favorite girl name, Apollonia, is nowhere to be found on the list.

I'm just kidding. I wouldn't really name a kid that name. But it is pretty, right?

My name is not very common for people my age, but it is becoming more and more common for young babies to be named a variation of my name. I think that when we have kids, we will probably choose more traditional names that may not be popular at the moment, but are beautiful and timeless. Oh wait, does everybody say that? Haha.

Is your name really common? Was it common when you were born? Are you sad that you have a common name if you do, or did you not mind having 5 other people in your class with the same name because it at least meant that you never went through the awkward stages of saying, "well, actually, it is spelled this way..." If your name is unique, do you wish you had a more common name?


Mrs. Haid said...

I saw this on a different blog and felt overwhelmed by the popular choices. Emma, Abbie, Ava, Ella, Isabella.... I bet everyone thinks that is timeless! Daniel's name is in the top 5 for most states, which really surprises me. My other favorite boy name is Jacob, which is too popular, I think.

I like that my name is not common, but it does have an 80s feel too it... Stephanie, Britney, Brooke, Stacy, Bethany... oh well. Its a name I would choose for myself again!

Pop said...

In my high school American History class there were FIVE Toms. Say 30 kids, half boys, 33% were named Tom. I like my new name better - Dr. Love!

Kathy said...

I noticed Sarah as #4 in New York. When we picked it for her, back in 1979, we thought it was pretty and had no idea it was so popular until she showed up at the babysitter, where among five kids, there were two Sarahs.

Plus, Emma was #1 in Missouri in 2008. I guess we have a three-generation of popular names in this family!

When I was in fifth grade, we had five Kathys. In my college speech class, we had to give an introductory speech to help people learn our name, and I mentioned all the fifth grade Kathys. Guess what--my speech class also had multiple Kathys! I have always thought it was a cute name, and am surprised nobody apparently names little girls Kathy anymore. I am glad my Kathryn is spelled that way, and my middle name, Anne, is spelled the more interesting way, just like Anne of Green Gables (to which I am listening these days!)

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Sarah said...

There were multiple Sarahs in most of my classes growing up. I think my name has been in the top ten for pretty much my entire life. It never bothered me, and I hope it doesn't bother Emma either, because I have apparently set her up for the same fate. I like more traditional names as well as some more unusual ones, but it bugs me a little when people give their kid a regular name but spell it weirdly just to make it different - Jaxon, Raychul, Jessyka, etc.

Anonymous said...

RoRo said that Rosemary was a unique name growing up.I never met another Rosemary until I was older. I like my name other than the fact I could not find stationery, necklaces, pins etc. with my name on it. My friend, Danica, when I worked in a rehab center had my name made for me on a necklace. Now that I am older, I consider it an "old lady's" name. i have met at least a handful of people who have the same name as mine. Also it wouldn't fit in the Iowa Basic Skils test block for names ~~~so I was always Rosem

Anonymous said...

No one at school had my name growing up, but have since met several LaVonne's. Sounds like you are enjoying KC and exploring all neat places.

Kathy said...

RoRo, I think Rosemary is a very pretty name. Why are you called RoRo, instead of Rosemary?