Thursday, July 22, 2010


You may recall that Arwen has not been in tip-top shape as of late. To help her to a speedy recovery, we've acquired some expensive, rejuvenatory cat food. I must say that I don't think it's very delicious, but Arwen sure is eating it with gusto.

Because this food is none too cheap, it is exclusively for Arwen. Thorina, unfortunately, has a problem with sharing, or her sister's lack thereof. I caught her red-pawed trying to break into the stash only five minutes ago. Discipline is quite lax in our house when it comes to the felines, so her only punishment here was for Abbie to say, "Look how smart she is to lift up that lid. Good kitty!!"


Mom said...

Oh, Davey, more "stealth"! Did Abbie have so much stealth in her blog? I am amazed that your cats are smart enough to open Tupperwares.

Justine said...

Ha! My discipline for Hazel is similar. "Wow, great argument! You're so smart."