Sunday, July 25, 2010


Every evening around 10 p.m., Abbie turns on the radio to entice the cats up onto our bed (for some reason, they are both big radio fans). Whether or not the cats join us, those few minutes of radio are always well-spent, because John Tesh, the notable DJ with over 45,000 followers on Facebook, comes on the air. Tesh's most popular segment is "Intelligence for Your Life." Because both my lovely wife and I are lax in following the latest scientific research and other tidbits that might impact our lives, we tune in eagerly.

Tesh never disappoints. For instance in the last couple of weeks, we have learned:

  • bow ties are coming back in style, but only for the young and hip or the old and hip
  • horseradish can detoxify our livers
  • a "mysterious new condition" called "pine nut syndrome" is sweeping the nation. The insidious effects of this syndrome consist of 1) a metallic taste in one's mouth that is "unbearable" and 2) nothing else. However, be warned, because "pine mouth" is on the rise!
  • Washing up can clean more than hands. It also wipes one's conscience clean. Thorina does not wash her paws after stealing Arwen's food, so I shudder to think what her conscience looks like.
  • Men are so fed up with newfangled shaving razors that they are stockpiling 4 years' worth of blade replacements! Although I shave but rarely, I recently bought a new set of razors just in case my favorite ones become obsolete!
Armed with this knowledge, Abbie, the cats, and I are ready to seize the day and drop off to sleep.

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Mom said...

I have been noticing with dismay that items I have regularly purchased throughout my entire marriage are apparently no longer handily available, viz: my favorite spatulas, hand towels you tie on cabinet drawers, and now the dish scrubbing things I have always favored. If I had only known these items were about to be discontinued or become hard for me to find, I would have bought a lifetime's worth in advance!