Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Our Independence Day was relatively low key, but we did invite my sister and her family over for the holiday bbq. I barbecued my first ever rack of ribs, using Bobby Flay's delicious dry rub recipe, and while I am not as diligent as Abbie with photographing food, they looked kind of like this:After the meal, we shot off a small collection of fireworks, which Sarah's kids really enjoyed (ok, the adults enjoyed them too).

We tried to find the city fireworks nearby to watch a more impressive show, but it started pouring just as we left to drive there. As we were driving around waiting for the rain to stop, some members of the party seemed to run out of steam.

It is always a fun time when we get to hang out with my sister and her family. I am glad that we live so close to each other now!

As I am unable to access the actual photos of our fireworks adventures, you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the footage.


Mom said...

I love the picture of your food! I wonder why your fireworks start so late in K.C. On Fourth of July I was thinking about our collection of fireworks in the basement, and that every so often, we should shoot some for our own happy enjoyment!

Sarah said...

I am glad we live so close to each other too! I just uploaded my pics from the 4th yesterday and there are some really cute ones.