Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old friend

On Thursday, our old friend Matt returned from a year-long stint in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi is known for the fact that the average net worth of its citizens is a cool $17 million. Does anybody else think there is no way this can be right? Although I suppose if there are several trillionaires who live there, it could work.

I spent yesterday evening with Matt at a Happy (four) Hour(s), and enjoyed catching up with him. Matt attended college with Abbie and me, and we have been good pals for quite some time, so I am glad for the chance to reunite, albeit for a short time. He'll be attending a running camp in Ethiopia for most of August, and then is heading back to the aforementioned cosmopolitan metropolis for another whole year of teaching!


Chick in the Czech said...

I'm excited to see Matt!

Anonymous said...

RORO said thell him that I loved reading his blog until it did weird things to my computer. If he stillhas it ---will try again int he new school year!

Kathy, David's mom said...

Matt, I also enjoyed your blog. Spending your vacation at a running camp in Ethiopia--you must be crazy! I hope you have fun on your trip home. As the mom of another foreign ESL teacher, I'll bet your mom is thrilled to see you!