Friday, July 02, 2010

Fun thing Friday

One of my biggest laments in our old house was that we didn't have enough room for a table tennis table. My brothers and I spent most of our evenings playing ping-pong; we even occasionally held family tournaments.I was unable to play much in college, and not at all while we lived in our last house. So one of the first items I wanted to get was a table for the man cave in the basement! If any readers want to visit and play a little table tennis, I will certainly be a willing opponent.

On a slightly related note, I evidently am not the only family member who enjoys the new table.


Ashley said...

David, I'm concerned that Paco was NOT pictured as promised. Perhaps you also have a preference for the cats? (kidding) Glad you got the table!!

Kathy said...

Oh, Davey, I loved seeing the picture of your grandpa playing ping-pong! I also love the happy memory of all of the hours of brotherly bonding, plus the success in the St. Dominic ping-pong tournaments, that you boys had!